Thursday, October 3, 2013

Are You Ready for Old Man Winter?

As we pass the autumnal equinox it reminds us to prepare for cooler temperatures coming just around the corner, especially as it pertains to maintaining the warm comfort of our homes for our families. Nobody wants to kick on the furnace and have it simply not work when we need it. As a homeowner good maintenance is a solid first line of defense against uncomfortable days or nights waiting for a repairman to arrive. 

Our skilled team of technicians at Freyaldenhoven Heating and Cooling can make sure that your system is in top working condition for the coming holidays and winter season, which is predicted by the Farmer’s Almanac to be a long and cold one. 

We stock a wide array of furnace parts for various systems to reduce wait times for service, and our maintenance contracts usually identify early warning signs of system troubles whether pertaining to heating or cooling. Be sure to call today to find out about all the options we offer. The Freyaldenhoven team is, as always, ready to help keep you and your family happy and warm this winter.Give us a call 501-329-2951.

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